Has Google Docs allowed businesses to save paper?



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    It helps to allow businesses to save paper. Google Docs can allow businesses to distribute information to many employees without having to actually print it, thus saving paper. Not all businesses take advantage of software such as Google Docs, but I personally use it and have found it to be a great resource. More businesses should take advantage of it, since it is a free service. 

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    Google Docs has certainly allowed all kinds of people and businesses to save paper.  I personally use Google Docs all the time, and through this usage I have definitely saved some paper.  To put a number on the savings, however, is probably too difficult. 

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    Yes, I can say from experience that Google Doc is a great way to save paper. Allowing a group of people to view and edit one document or project simultaneously and without having to print out numerous copies is a great way to cut back on paper usage in offices. Just think about how much paper could be saved if a new draft of a 20-page document did not have to be printed out every time an edit was made. 

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