Has global warming been confirmed as a fact?



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    Yes.  Recently an independent team of scientists (the Berkeley Earth Project) took it upon themselves to reexamine claims made by NASA and others that the global temperature was on the rise, which had recently been challenged by skeptics.  Their research yielded almost identical conclusions to those drawn by NASA, namely that the Earth’s temperature has risen by about 1 degree Celcius since 1950.  The question still remains, however, as to just how much of this change is due to human actions, and how much is simply a natural trend.  Along with confirming the established numbers, the Berkeley Earth Project team also offered a new explanation for the warming.  They assert that the global temperature rise could be at least in part due to normal fluctuations in ocean temperatures due to changes in oceanic currents.  Along with this suggestion, though, they do also accept the likelihood that human actions have also played a role in the temperature change.

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    Yes. Global Warming is recognized as a real phenomenon internationally. Thousands of scientists are now studying its effects and publishing reports on the additional effects of extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. One major problem that they are currently addressing is how the ocean plays a role in absorbing carbon dioxide, and how this is lowering the ph level of the oceans. Essentially, the effects of climate change are more widespread than originally predicted.

    The greenhouse effect itself has been proven to be real several times. Have you ever seen the TV show Mythbusters? Sometimes they wind up confirming myths and sometimes they wind up busting them. In the case of global warming, the phenomenon was confirmed. Here is a shortened clip from the episode where they confirmed the greenhouse effect.

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