Has General Motors transformed into an eco-friendly company?



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    Why yes, General Motors (GM) is on its way to being one of the most eco-friendly auto companies around. In 2006, GM developed a “green” assembly plant, which collects rainwater from the roof and uses that water to flush toilets. The plant itself is made one-fourth out of recyclable materials.

    This auto plant has been called the world’s most environmentally friendly, and is estimated to save $1 million less a year on energy.

    This is just one example of how General Motors is becoming an eco-friendly company.

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    No, General Motors is not environmentally friendly. Any publicity trying to prove otherwise is a political stunt attempting to turn heads. Even though they have spent a lot of money lately developing very efficient cars, Americans have not bought enough for GM to really change.

    GM is going to continue to sell the cars and trucks that people want, and most people don’t care about efficiency. This year, in 2010, 73% of Chrysler sales were in light trucks. None of the manufacturers in Detroit get a full fleet average of 22.5, which is the overall average of all car companies.

    What that means is GM will drag it’s heel’s as long as possible before they start getting serious about making efficient cars. The cars and trucks they sell are a refection of what people want and they wont spend money on research and development to make their existing cars more effecient unless they start losing money.

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