Has fossil fuel dependence been the worst thing we have done for the environment?



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    The industrial revolution as a whole, which initialized are use of fossil fuels and fostered the dependency we’re now experiencing was the probably overall the largest negative impact of humanity, as it caused an amount of airborne, water and land pollution never previously seen. It also began many of the unresponsible social practices and livestock practices that many are trying to account for and correct today.

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    Fossil fuel dependence has locked the world economy into a single-minded energy mindset and put countries such as the U.S. at the mercy of “big oil.” It’s definitely hurt our relationship with the Middle East, as the inhabitants of the region view the United States as plunderers of their natural resources. In terms of the environment, emissions from gas-powered cars have contributed to global warming, but a majority of the damage of fossil fuels has been socio-economic.

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