Has fracking been banned in the US?



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    There is a 7-month moratorium on it in New York. The city of Pittsburgh has a ban. Pennsylvania banned all new gas wells state land (http://green.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/10/26/pennsylvania-governor-bans-fracking-in-state-forests/).

    There is no nation-wide ban on fracking.

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    Currently, fracking is still allowed in most of the US.  Additionally, fracking has been ommitted from the Clean Water Act.

    As of December, there is a 7-month moratorium in New York state issued by executive order of Governor Paterson before leaving office.  The moratorium only bans horizontal fracking, vertical fracking is still permitted.

    On March 10th, New Jersey also enacted a fracking ban.  Currently, fracking does not occur in New Jersey, but as a state that receives water that can be effected by fracking in other states, it wished to send a message that water pollution would not be tolerated.

    Pittsburgh, PA banned fracking in November 2010 and Buffalo, NY issued a ban in February of 2011.

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