Has evolution been proven by science?



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    Technically I don’t think science can prove evolution.  For science to prove a theory, the theory needs to be able to be tested repeatedly and render the same results again and again.   Scientists have made inferences about evolution based on fossil findings and physiological similarities between animals, but observational science will never be able to prove it in the way it can other things.  That’s why evolution remains “the theory of evolution” and has never been renamed “the law of evolution.”   That’s not to evolution didn’t happen or that someone’s wrong to believe in it; evolution just can’t be proven.  

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    No, not really.  Evolution is a scientific theory, and like all scientific theories, it can’t be proven absolutely.  However, there is an incredible wealth of evidence that supports evolution, and DNA and fossils often provide the most compelling data.  The fact that a scientific theory can’t be proven in no way diminishes its value as a working scientific theory.  Scientific theories are simply meant to provide us with a meaningful and useful understanding of the how the world works, in line with the evidence presented with us.  As long as they are not contradicted by evidence and continue to bear fruitful contributions to science and technology (which the theory of evolution certainly has) they will be upheld.

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    There is strong evidence that evolution has occurred, but absolute proof has yet to surface. Like everyone else mentioned, fossils are a great way to look into the past and look for similarities to today’s existing species. Theories of evolution have also been presented to the creatures in the Galapagos Islands. The islands are very isolated in a unique environment, so it’s interesting to look at how evolution might have played a role in that. 

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