Has the elephant ever been on the endangered species list?



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    Generally, there are two recognized species of elephant: the Asian and the African elephants. However, recent genetic studies have indicated that there may actually be four species instead of just the two. The Asian elephant has been on the Endangered Species list for quite some time now, there are an estimated less than 50,000 surviving in the wild, currently. Habitat fragmentation has played a larger role in this than ivory-poaching, which targets African elephants.

    African elephants have also been classified as endangered. Ivory poaching is one of the main culprits of population devastation in the African elephant.

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    The African and Asian elephants are both endangered.  There about 500,000 elephants in Africa, down from 1.3 million 25 years ago.  There are even fewer Asian elephants. 

    Poaching, habitat loss, and conflicts with humans are the main culprits for their demise.

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