Has the earth ever been hit by an asteroid?



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    Yes, an asteroid has almost certainly hit earth. Earlier in the history of the solar system, there were many more asteroids out in orbit so the odds of collision was greater. More recently a large asteroid impact is credited with having led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. A crater that may have been the result of any asteroid impacts were almost certainly distorted and affected by weather. The June 1997 issue of Sky and Telescope has an article on this subject in which they estimate that a very large asteroid impact occurs once every 100 million – 1 billion years (the earth is 4 billion years old), and a large asteroid impacts once every 1 – 100 million years.

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    The earth has been impacted by thousands of meteors/asteroids over the course of its existence. The first link below show some eroded impact craters visible from space.
    Of course the most famous is meteor crater in Arizona.
    The risk continues and scientists continue to monitor asteroids whose orbits may potentially intersect ours.

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    Yes, the largest and most notably has been assumed the reason the dinosaurs were destroyed at the end of the Cretaceous period. Many smaller, and less significant asteroids and meteors have collided with the Earth with must less destruction.

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    Famous craters on earth!  Yippy!  (The photos are amazing.)


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