Has the DOE given any money to the USPS to develop their green fleet?



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    The Department of Energy gave out $151 million dollars in the end of 2009 to different projects that are attempting to “green their fleet”. The United State Postal Service has been giving great consideration to many different proposals to put their green fleet plan into action. They have specifically looked at using a Chrysler van , which is an electric vehicle that can more 40 miles off one charge. As of right now, the DOE has not specifically given money to the USPS, Chrysler has applied for a DOE Transportation Electrification stimulus program grant.

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    The American Vehicle Manufacturing Act or “e-Drive” bill was introduced in December of 2009 to invest $2 billion to in USPS vehicles.  This equals to the purchase of approximately 20,000 electric delivery vehicles and 24,000 charging stations within the next three years.  Chrylser revealed the all electric USPS minivan during the Earth Day.

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