Has disney made any environmental movies?



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    A 2008 article in the New York Times commented on hidden messages in Disney cartoons with an ecological ethic.  Most notably, the films Bambi, Pocahontas and The Jungle book were intended to generate public awareness on environmental ethics.  Disney’s messages regarding humans’ relationship with nature was examined in a book by lecturer David Whitley called “The Idea Of Nature In Disney Animation.” 

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    Disney has a new branch called Disney Nature.   This is what released the film EARTH last Earth Day and this year released OCEANS which is currently in theaters.  

    These are PLANET EASRTH style films.  And OCEANS is very good and i suggest trying to catch in theaters! 

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    continuing jbenajmi’s comment I think Disney has always tried to link nature into its films.  By incorporating animal characters (Aladdin’s Abu and Raja, the Lion King, Sleeping Beauty’s forest friends, etc) it depicts the idea that animals have a sense of feeling and personality.

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    While I agree with jbenjami’s comment that Bambi, Pocohantas, and The Jungle Book are the three Disney movies with the strongest environmental messages, the Disney movie that influenced me personally was The Lion King.

    Watching the Lion King as a little girl, I wanted to learn more about the real African animals.  I did – and I wanted them to stay that way, forever, and not be driven to extinction (like the rhino is currently being driven).  It sparked my love for conservation and environmentalism.

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