Has discovery channel changed the way it produces television to be more green?



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    According to the corporate responsibility section (see link below) of Discovery Channel’s corporate website, their main headquarters just outside of D.C. is one of the few buildings in the U.S. with a platinum LEED rating. This certification is presented by the U.S. Green Building Counsel and is a significant investment to attain (see the other link).

    This, however, does not answer your question entirely. If you follow my first link you can then go to Discovery News. Glancing over the headlines of these press releases will give you a better idea of what the corporation is doing as a whole. I could not find anything directly related to your question, but maybe you’ll have better luck than me. 

    Putting aside the overall mission statement of Discovery Channel it’s hard to imagine they would do anything not to be more green simply because it would be bad PR if the environmentalists working for the show decided to go to another station and bad mouth their poor environmental practices. In essence what I’m saying is that I don’t believe they would ever just come out and say they had “changed” the way were producing their shows to be more environmentally friendly because that’s what they should have been doing all along.

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