Has digital music helped with climate change?



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    Probably not. Truth be told, servers produce a significant amount of emissions, and the downloading of digital music, much like the production process for CDs, really doesn’t help much with climate change. The citation at the bottom should give you an idea of how computers produce emissions. In the end, live and acoustic is the best solution when it comes to music.

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    If more people are downloading music instead of purchasing CDs in store, then there is an argument that digital music is indeed better for the environment than CDs. The emissions resulting from the production of the CDs and cases, the transport of the CDs to stores, and the car trips of the consumer to the store are responsible for some amount of CO2 emissions. It seems intuitive that these CO2 emissions are more significant than the CO2 emissions resulting from increased computer usage and server energy usage. Another factor to consider is the waste generated with the CD industry. Where do all the CDs and cases go? With this in mind, digital music is most likely better for the environment in several ways than CDs.

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