Has the design of the incandescent light bulb ever changed?



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    The incandescent light bulb has certainly evolved, but you would expect that from a device that traces back 200 years. In 1809, when English chemist Humphrey Davy created the first electric light, he utilized two wires connected to a battery, and then mediated with a charcoal strip. The first light bulb came about in 1833, as a prototype of scientist James Bowman Lindsay, but Henricq Globel, a German, is credited with inventing the first functioning light bulb in 1854. Since then, the technology has been modifiied and improved, up to the LEED lights of today, which use a fraction of the energy expended by standard bulbs.

    The factor that has evolved the most over time is the source material for the filaments. The first light bulbs used carbonized bamboo filaments, a design which was improved by Edison’s carbon filaments. Cotton, metal-coated carbon and tungsten were later used as well. Eventually, in 1991, Phillips developed the long-lasting bulbs, which functioned for 60,000 hours using magnetic induction. 

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