Has the creation of craigslist been a good thing for the environment?



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    Well, it definitely helps people sell their used goods and advertise jobs paperlessly, so I’d have to think it can be seen as ‘environmentally friendly’.

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    Yes. It is a way for people to buy slightly used thing or for people to recycle their old items. You are able to contact people for jobs, cars, and apartments. You are able to find jobs without buying a paper. You are able to look at car without driving around to car dealerships, and you are also able to look at apartments online which also saves gas. You are able to get connected to volunteer or nonprofit groups. This helps the environment, by getting people involved and connected without using pamphlets, flyers, or newspaper. 

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    Instead of posting ads in the newspaper it can be done online. Less paper being used to produce the cluster of ads that used to grace the classifieds section. Ads can be purchased online via paypal or through other electronic systems. Electronic trails are left instead of physical paper trails!

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    In lots of ways it has but you allways get those that do not care on line maybe they should care

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