Has climate change occurred in the past before humans produced pollution?



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    Yes, research has shown that climate change has been evident throughout the earth’s history, long before humans. The most known and comprehended occurence of climate change happened during the early Eocene period 55 million years ago. Scientists have found evidence that confirms that the land and waters of the earth were warm during this time. Studies have shown that back then, where Britain is located now, there were tropical forests and palm trees stretched as far north as Alaska.

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    Yes it has, but if anything I would say that this reinforces the fact that we are causing it now, because though there were no humans to cause pollution, research done on several different occasions in unrelated studies have found that this mass warming was due to a large amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere. According to a National Geographic article from October of this year, the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum was caused by a “massive and geologically sudden release of carbon” and lasted over 150,000 years. This warming event radically changed life on Earth and caused droughts, flooding, and insect plagues. It even caused some extinctions.


    Scientists are unsure of what caused the carbon spike that resulted in the Thermal Maximum, but some possibilities are mass volcanic eruptions, wildfires, and the force from a comet breaking open carbonate rocks. Another popular theory is that one of these warming events caused deposits of methane hydrate (frozen water and methane) to melt, releasing methane into the atmosphere (methane causes 20 times more warming that CO2).

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