Has China set a date for their CO2 cut?



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    Theoretically China should be complying with the Kyoto Protocol, but like India, it likely won’t. China is currently pursuing low-carbon alternatives, and is moving towards cuts, but at this point it is possible that CO2 levels may continue to rise until as late as 2030. However, the UN is working on providing incentives for developing countries to cut emissions, so only time will tell.

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    According to China’s top climate change policymaker, China, the world’s largest emitter, has planned to reduce carbon emissions by 2050. China will be taking gradual steps toward reaching such goal, which may prove to be more difficult as time progress. It is estimated that China’s emissions will peak between 2030 and 2040. However, many experts are saying that if China wishes to fulfill its goal by 2050, more developments in technology and innovation will be needed.

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