Has charging for bags on airplanes caused less people to fly?



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    Not in the least. Many who travel by air know it is the fastest means to travel across the globe. Some are on business trips and considering the time value of money, it does not at all scare them away. Compared to going by ship, the cost of bags cannot be commensurate with the cost of feeding and time wasting by going by ship.

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    I believe that people might have changed their packing habits to avoid being charged for hefty bags, but haven’t necessarily been deterred from flying altogether.  The citation below lists the baggage policy for weight limits, checked bags and oversized bags for at least 10 of the major airlines, so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

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    Charging with bags has been accompanied by a variety of other niggardly fees for check-ins, online, and so on, as well as reducing the number of flights and increasing prices as a whole. Between those fees and seasonal fluctuations, it’d be tough to break down raw numbers on flight volumes and attribute any drop simply to changes in bag policies.

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