Has California designated lands for solar power projects?



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    Yes, the Department of the Interior and the Department of Energy have been working hard to target six states for solar power, with ample funding to boot.  One of those states happens to be California.  Check out the citation for more information.

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    Yes. The California Energy Commission has approved the Palen and Rice solar projects that had been under review. The combined peak generating capacity of solar power plant projects licensed in California since late August 2010 is about twice the peak capacity of Hoover Dam.

    The seven other solar power projects recently licensed by the California Energy Commission are: Abengoa Mojave Solar Project (250 megawatts, Sept. 8); Beacon Solar Energy Project (250 megawatts, Aug. 25); Blythe Solar Power Project (1,000 megawatts, Sept. 15); Calico Solar Project (663.5 megawatts, Oct. 28); Genesis Solar Energy Project (250 megawatts, Sept. 29); Imperial Valley Solar Project (709 megawatts, Sept. 29); and Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (370 megawatts, Sept. 22)


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