Has Brazil taken any steps to protect its rainforest?



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    Happily, yes! Brazil plans to reduce Amazon deforestation by 70% (of the baseline deforestation rates between 1996-2005) by the year 2017, which it aims to accomplish through a massive, $21 billion fund.  So far, this doesn’t seem to be mere talk, either: deforestation rates have been steadily dropping since 2005, with the 2009 levels 18,000 acres less than those of 2004: 

    (Source: Mongabay.com )

    There’s some disagreement in the international community about whether a fund is the best way to finance this program, but it seems likely Brazil will do whatever it takes to keep the Amazon alive.  Why?  Because the Amazon Rainforest soaks up a huge amount of carbon emissions, making it one of the largest contenders in the battle to combat climate change. Brazil has already begun to feel the impact of global warming, as it’s been causing the flooding that’s long plagued the country to increase in frequency and severity. The government knows that if they don’t do everything in their power to keep climate change in check, their nation could be devastated.

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    Please keep in mind that it’s not necessarily Brazil’s fault they are losing so much rain forest. It’s booming economy is reflected by it’s increased use of natural rain forest. I don’t think you can blame small farms for doing what they need to for money.

    80% of the deforestation in Brazil is to make grazing ground for cattle to feed our increased appetite for meat. If YOU want to save the rain forest the best thing you can do is STOP EATING BEEF.

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