Has BP been sued for negligence?



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    BP is continuously being sued for several effects of their negligence:

    Loss of Business and Individual Profits by the industries that rely on the now dead waters for fishing.  Even hotels and resorts are suing BP because of tourism decline, which destroys their business as well.

    Environmental Damage lawsuits are taking place as well, as shorelines and plant life are being killed by the spill.

    Property Owners are suing for damage to their homes and facilities, and the surrounding lands that they own that have been ransacked by BP’s oil.

    Health Problems amongst those who got the blunt force trauma of the tragic event are suing for their personal damages.  Even those cleaning up the spill are suing for the health problems that they are having to face.

    Wrongful Deaths of rig workers and their families are deserving of attention, and families are trying to collect for their losses.

    BP Shareholders are suing the company for negligence, which results in not only profit loss, but horrible shots to shareholder’s credibility in the business world.

    State Governments are definitely suing for effects that result from all of the afore mentioned suits.  People being affected by the spill means that the state is being affected by the spill.  Decline in tourism, health issues, all of these things cost the state money that they should not have to pay.


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