has anyone used that product that is supposed to stop the draft under your front door that you see on TV?



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    If you are talking about the Twin Draft Guard, than you are out of luck. Most of the reviews on Amazon are negative reviews. People complain that it doesn’t work at all. The dimensions of your door are important as well because this product doesn’t work on all doors. Also whether you have carpeting or not is important because, some people complained that it doesn’t do well with carpeted floors. Check out the link below to see what everyone else had to say about this product.

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    Yes, I have a few of them (on my bedroom and on my bathroom door). They work fine, you simply cut them to the length of your door and slide it under the end. Just add a little felt or something and it will be super quiet. They also keep the sound from bouncing around to different rooms. Someone else wrote about it on here too:


    Good Luck

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