Has anyone put a dollar amount on the health care costs of pollution?



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    Yes, studies have been done to reflect the actual costs of polluting and using resources that have negative externalities associated with them. They said the true cost of a gallon gasoline should be in the 6 to 8 dollar range if you consider the after-effects the pollution from the fuel has on health. A study preformed by Delucchi in 2000 claimed that the social cost of motor vehicle pollution could be estimated at $24-450 billion dollars per year. Between 2 and 6 billion dollars worth of crop damages can be attributed to just this one form of pollution. If you ever get the chance, take a course on Sustainable Development, because that is where I was taught about the actual costs (how we ignore them when we go to price our goods) and what a negative externality is (party A performs an action which harms party B, but there is no compensation on behalf to party A to pay for the damages caused to party B, and party B does not have a say in what happens)… it was really enlightening and inspiring (to make me want to cause change). 


    also: “The combined health and non-health cost of outdoor air and water pollution for China’s economy comes to around $US100 billion a year” 

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