Has anyone found a good healthy/organic deodorant or antiperspirant that actually works?

I have been trying different brands with no parabens and aluminum, but I’m not having much luck. Most of them seem to wear off completely if I sweat at all. I have tried Arm and Hammer Naturals (worked the best in terms of keeping me smelling nice, but would mix with sweat and leave a stain/residue on some of my clothing), Naturally Fresh (had to keep applying throughout the day for it to work at all), and Kiss My Face Active Lavender Scent (works well for the most part, but if I sweat, not so much).

It would be nice to get a deodorant I could feel safe using and not end up smelling by the end of the day. Let me know if anything has worked really well for you! I am not even sure if there are antiperspirants without aluminum?



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    I use a trader joe’s brand without aluminum that has cotton fibers and is unscented. I really like it because I don’t like heavy smells and it controls my sweat levels well, however I think how well deodorants will work for you is pretty individual so maybe its worth a try for you, but it may or may not work the same for me as for you.

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    I love love love Dr. Hauschka roll on deoderant, its really expensive but doesn’t cause any irritation (is natural organic free of animal cruelty etc.) I’ve had mine for 5 months and still have some left, it lasts pretty much all day and smells really good. 


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    As the previous answer has said, DR.Hauschka’s deodorant is a great choice. However, it’s a little pricey at around $23 but it does work and smells nice. Plus, the packaging is green – it comes in glass not plastic. Another choice is WELDA’s Wilda Rose Deodorant at $15. A plus is that rose is supposed to be a natural antibacterial! However, most great organic deodorants are a little pricey. -.- However, you can also try Aubrey Organics. They have a deodorant spray for $8.25 – not too bad and it’s 4 fluid ounces! However, I recommend you check out makeupalley for reviews on all these products because you can check out other members physical characteristics and see if they match up with you. Good luck on your hunt.

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    Tom’s of Maine deodorant works well. It is just a deodorant and not an anti-perspirant, so it will not stop you from sweating. It contains coriander oil, which disrupts the cell membranes of bacteria on your skin. Bacteria are what cause the odors rather than the sweat itself. This is really great if you are exercising because you can let your sweat perform its natural function of cooling you down without stinking afterwards.

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    Dr. Hauschka makes an organic, gentle and effective deodorant in both fresh & floral scents:


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