Has anyone ever been to a green themed party?



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    Many green themed party can be found in festivals. Festivals are the best way to promote green living for green goers. Many of the green festivals can teach people the proper way of being green and helping them realize the climate change in our environment. Green festival is located in Claifornia like San Francisco, Los Angeles. The festival is also expanding to New York! 

    The Green festival happens once every year for three days in a row. It attracts many people who believe in celebrating green life together. The festival brings together enterprises, environmental groups, leaders, and citizens with the objective of strengthening the locally controlled, green economy. 

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    As jchang14 said, green festivals are like giant parties, except that they have an admission fee. I have been to the Green Festival in San Francisco twice, and it was a lot of fun. They have speakers, and lots of booths selling green products and offering free samples. There is a home improvement section, a food court, a clothing section, and much more.

    If you look hard enough, you can probably find some smaller local festivals. I have been to two in Davis that did not have an admission fee: the Whole Earth Festival and the Cool Davis festival. Both were awesome, and had many similarities to the Green Festival, except that they were smaller and had outdoor exhibits. The Whole Earth festival is much more like a party because it has live band performances on a stage. There is no admission fee at all for dancing at the Whole Earth Festival. Last year, I walked there, danced for a little while, and then walked back home.

    Delta of Venus is another place in Davis that hosts green parties. Once, they hosted a traveling band that ran its sound system on pedal power. The band invited guests to take turns pedaling the stationery bicycle that generated their electricity. The event was a fundraiser for the Bike Church (now called the Bike Collective) in Davis. It was a lot of fun!


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    Yes, I have been to green themed parties. Earth Day Coalition in Ohio hosts a green party every year as a fundraising and socializing event. They get all local, organic, and sustainable food caterers, people to donate green items for a silent auction, and volunteers from the Cleveland Orchestra play music. They also give out free energy efficient bulbs at the party. 

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