Has anyone done a study on the environmental benefits of sites like ebay, freecycle, and craigslist?



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    These sites main benefit to the environment is that they allow people to sell goods from warehouses directly to people, cutting out a middle man that would have to house the actual goods and passing the savings onto the customer, who could then use it (hopefully) for socially responsible actions.


    However, it also adds to globalization which is not a veyr good thing. I myself am guilty of ordering a wire I needed from China because it is much cheaperr to get it from there, neglecting the damage being done to the environment when it comes to shipping said product.


    Craisglist is a little better because generally you are buying something that is used (no new factors of production being used to make it) and locally (because you search for things around you, they do not have to travel far to get to their destination).

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