Has anybody ever heard of the company Terracycle?

They recycle many products that typically aren’t recyclable and “upcycle” them into new products.

Check it out: www.terracycle.net



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    I hadn’t heard of this company, sometimes I’m amazed at how many greatly influential things are going on that I’m not aware of.  For anyone reading, this company was started by a couple of Princeton students who dealt with using worms on a large scale to  decompose waste into soil.  Now they have representation in many countries and pay individuals to turn in their normally non-recyclable goods (juice pouches, candy bar wrappers, etc) and be paid a small amount per item.  The materials are then turned into clever objects like fences, tote bags, or recycling bins.  They work with many major corporations and were named one of the 100 most innovative companies in Red Herring magazine.

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