Has any other first lady been as green as Michelle?



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    How is Michelle Obama green? Is she green because people have this belief that her husband is some environmental buff? All Michelle Obama has done as first lady is eat up the media attention about what she is wearing and how her hair looks. Lady Bird Johnson, in my opinion is much “greener” than Obama’s wife. Lady Bird’s first priority was the beatification of cities and the conservation of natural resources. She also founded the National Wildflower Center, which is an environmental research facility.

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    I wouldn’t say that Michelle Obama is any “greener” than any other First Lady in history.  What I will say is that Michelle has come into office with her husband during a time in history when the our future greatly depends on the future of our surroundings and the environment as a whole, around the world.  The concerns about “becoming green” is starting to become a factor in daily life and on the minds of many Americans and growing daily.

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