Has the amount of energy used gone up because of global warming?



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    I think it’s very hard to make the case for this. Energy use has definitely been steadily rising for the last few decades, following the rise of global temperatures, but it’s the energy use that has caused the temperature changes. It’s possible that climate change has caused people to rely more on air conditioning, etc, but I think it may be just as likely that people have become more aware of their energy consumption and try to cut back in order to be more eco-friendly. Like I said before, the two are correlated but I don’t think it’s possible to prove this particular connection.

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    Yes, especially when it comes to the energy used in cooling buildings. According to the excerpts from a June 2009 report by the U.S. Global Change Research Program, the demand for electricity is projected to go up, and along with it, use of coal to create the electricity, among many other cascading environmental effects.

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