Has the ammunition in guns changed at all to make it better for the environment?



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    Actually, they are currently moving away from lead-based ammunition to a more “eco-friendly” non toxic bullet.  This decreases the chances that the blood of the animal or person shot will be infected with lead, making it safer for her person healing from a wound, or the meat to be sold or eaten.  It also reduces the risk of meat being recalled.

    These bullets are about double the cost of standard lead bullets.

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    The process is being worked on. The army will soon be using eco-friendly warfare in Afghanistan. They will use small caliper ammo that WILL lack the lead base, all thanks to President Obama. The M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round will eliminate up to 2,000 tons of lead from manufacturing process each year. All of this is being done so either side doesn’t have to worry about getting lead poisoning.

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    Ammunition has gone through many phases through the years. The first leap is the advent of smokeless powder in the base of the bullet to propel the bullet forward; this has massively reduced the amount of smoke created while also increasing bullet velocity. One could also argue that using steel-core bullets (sometimes called armor-piercing bullets) is better because it does not use lead as the bullet center. The M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round now being shipped out uses a copper core instead of lead, reducing the risk of lead poisoning to the environment as well as enemies. This new round is set to be used in Afghanistan by US troops, and has proven quite effective in range tests.

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