Has Albany, New York’s crackdown on drunk driving reduced alcohol-related car accidents?



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    It’s difficult to say. Over the 2009 Thanksgiving weekend, police in Albany, New York conducted an anti-drunk driving dragnet which netted 21 arrests in Rennselaer County. Approximately 4,000 vehicles were checked during the crackdown. I could find no specific evidence linking this event to rates of alcohol-related car accidents in the Albany area, but that may be because statistics on this type of thing tend to come out yearly as opposed to being reported on an ongoing basis. There is some evidence, however, that highly visible crackdowns do have a deterrent effect on impaired driving. In some studies the period of reduction lasts longer than the crackdown itself, while in others the deterrent effect erodes quickly thereafter. My guess is that the Albany crackdown probably did have at least some of its intended effect, but how much and for how long is difficult to quantify.

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