Has Al Gore made a lot of money on the concept of global warming?



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    Al Gore has made decent cash yes from his books and movies. Millions of copies were sold world-wide and the man has patents on his projects in which he receives a certain percentage of the profits from every sale. So I think it is fair to say the Al Gore did indeed make a lot of money from global warming. Let’s not forget about the many speeches and lectures he’s given to people and colleges around the country.

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    Yes, he stands to make billions from trading carbon credits. Why else do you think he made the movie?

    What most people dont realise is that the international banking industry stands to make TRILLIONS of dollars from trading paper carbon credits, which people will be FORCED to buy! Thats right, you will be REQUIRED BY LAW to give money to bankers in the form of mandatory carbon credits, the price for which will be factored into every product you buy.

    Al Gore and his friends at Goldman Sachs have already started a company called GIM, which is a 20% shareholder in the ‘Chicago Carbon Exchange’ which is like the share market for carbon credits.

    Al gore is just in it for the money, AGW is a scam.

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