Has Al Gore done the most to bring global warming to the masses?



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    Al Gore is probably the most well known leader that has spread the message about global warming. WebEcoist.com agrees “Al Gore’s blockbuster film An Inconvenient Truth seared the climate crisis into the popular consciousness.” Since he is a well known figure to start, and since he spread the message widely through film, and I would agree Al Gore is the most prominent figure in spreading the global warming message.

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    In my opinion Al Gore was the person who first brought the theory of globabl warming to attention. His film was a great way to bring the topic to the forefront of the nation. Since he already known as a formal figure, it seemed to be an important subject to learn about.

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    I would say that, yes, Al Gore has probably done the most in terms of conveying the effects of global warming. He made a very successful movie and wrote an accompanying book that raised the awareness of millions of people about environmental issues. 

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    I think Al Gore was the first person to explain global warming to the masses. His movie, an Inconvenient Truth, reached a lot of people, and he was able to use his celebrity to bring attention to his cause.  The scientific evidence supporting global warming was there before Al Gore, but he truly became the face behind climate change.  

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