Has Agent Orange been used since the Vietnam War?



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    Agent Orange was used during the Vietnam War as an herbicide. The product was developed in the 1940s and was developed for military purposes. The purpose of the herbicide was to expose enemies in the trees and shrubbery because enemies were engaging in gorilla warfare.

    Agent Orange is contaminated with dioxin which caused numerous health effects such as death, birth defects, on ongoing health problems. If it wasn’t enough to endure war , soldiers who were exposed to Agent Orange unknowing placed their health at risk even after returning back home from war.

    Even though the health risks of being exposed to Agent Orange are known to cause health illnesses and environmental detriments, for some reason Agent Orange is  still in use today. In July 6, 2011 about 450 acres of land in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest which was cleared for ranching and agricultural purposes, used Agent Orange to clear the land. The Vietnam War is a reminder why we shouldn’t be using Agent Orange but due lower cost, there are some who still use Agent Orange in the process of deforestation while ignoring health and environmental risks.

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    Agent Orange was used during the Vietnam War in order to flush enemy soldiers out from the thick jungles and brush in South East Asia. It had unfortunate lasting effects that caused major health complications in the local populations and returning American soldiers alike. Due to its erratic and uncontrollable nature, Agent Orange was banned from use in military operations after the Vietnam conflict. It was put into the same category as flamethrowers and biological weapons, in that it was considered entirely too inhumane to use in warfare.

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