Is Hansen’s soda good for the environment?



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    Hansen’s fruit sodas are made of cane sugar instead of corn syrup. This is arguably good for the environment as an alternative to the corn-based sweetener in most sodas, which is hard on soil and is energy and pesticide-heavy. Hansen’s uses aluminum cans as well as plastic bottles to contain its products, both of which can be recycled but aren’t necessarily good for the environment. Although Hansen’s has “all-natural” ingredients and presents itself as a healthy soda alternative, did you know that the company also produces a number of energy drinks including the Monster Energy drink line? Although little conclusive research has been performed on energy drinks since they are so new to the market, many health experts advise that the additives you find in them like guarana and taurine could potentially be harmful to health. Most of the energy comes from sugar and caffeine, and the combination of all these substances can lead to heart palpitations and upset stomach. Its unfortunate that a company devoted to natural sodas has turned to the energy drink market with its mysterious chemicals!

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    Hansen’s Soda is committed to using products taken directly from the environment, as opposed to artificial products. For instance, they recently switched to using cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. In that sense, it may be seen as a more “natural” option by reducing the environmental impact of creating artificial flavors and additives. However, it would only be slightly more environmentally friendly than an average can of soda, since soda is not an environmentally friendly drink to begin with. Even though you can recycle the cans, it takes a large amount of energy for those cans to be produced and shipped in the first place.  

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