Is hand soap biodegradable?



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    Not all are, but you can buy them. The biodegradable ones will be packaged in eco-friendly and recycled containers and not have any harsh chemicals that can leech into the ground when disposed of. Some brands that make biodegradable hand soaps are Coghlan, LifeTree, Kutol, and my favorite, Mrs. Meyers.

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    Another great question! Not all soaps are biodegradable. A lot of soap manufactures add certain fragrances and dyes that are known to be bad for the environment. Most all soaps also contain either SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate or SLES (Sdium Laureth Sulfate) which can be irratating to the skin and have attributes that have been getting a lot of negative press lately. I would opt for a soap made with Sodium Coco Sulfate. A great one is EuroSpa Naturals which can be found on web site. The soap also has the EPA’s “Design for the Environemnt” recognition since they use frgrances and dyes that biodegrade. The product is 100% biodegradable.

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    Certainly not all soaps are biodegradable, but it’s easy to find the ones that are. They should say “100% Biodegradable” somewhere on the label. Remember: NOT ALL NATURAL AND ORGANIC SOAPS ARE BIODEGRADABLE. Only those that say “biodegradable” on the label are actually biodegradable. Good brands are Dr. Bronners (, 365 Organic, Seventh Generation (, Jason (, Aubrey (, and Kiss My Face ( Check your local natural foods store to find these.

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