Is hand carved wood products more eco friendly than machine carved ones?



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    They definitely would be more eco-friendly because machines would use electricity and possibly produce pollutants.  In order to be entirely eco-friendly, though, the wood being carved should come from a sustainable forest of some kind.

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    Yes. Machine-made wood objects use electricity or another energy source. Another aspect you should consider when contemplating the sustainability of wood products is if the wood has been sustainably harvested or if the timber has been harvested purely for human needs without restoring the forest in a responsible way. 

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    Yes, what also must be considered is the fact that machines are able to produce a mass quantity of products in a shorter amount of time.  Therefore, they eat up energy and resources much more quickly than any pair of human hands can.

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    In addition, people who carve products out of wood by hand tend to not waste wood. Any wood not used in their carving is used for something else. This is a method for saving costs for them, but it’s also an eco-friendly practice.

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    Like everyone has been saying, yes (probably). However, I think that we should stray away from assuming that something is eco-friendly because of one aspect of it. Certainly the hand-made process is greener than the machinated process, but there are a lot of factors that play into it, like what the wood is treated with, where it came from, and how it’s shipped, to name a few. One hand-made producer could put toxic stains and sealants on theirs and ship/package it irrisponsibly using non-sustainable wood while a producer that uses machines could be offsetting their carbon output, using sustainable wood, using natural stains and shipping it responsibly. Which would be more green?

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