The half was only eight

Does he already know that I would dodge?wholesale jerseys from china,That is impossible! James throw away the mind very quickly back on defense!

Williams’s wonderful layup to give the Celtics did not cause any impact of heart HAN just shook his head. Plus the inner bottom line quickly the ball out!

Control of the ball of the HAN like with the crosshairs. Just glanced at the front. Immediately pass the ball out! In fact, the Cavaliers back against the fast. Celtic fast break seems to have no chance! But the HAN ball is not passed quickly under Madison. But to give a standing beyond the arc, Kyle!

Accustomed defensive Chandler broken, Williams some effect! Chandler presence of his more like a breakthrough toward the inside But Seoul is a pure shooter! The three point line, he can have absolute confidence!

Kyle catch and shoot did not give Williams to make up for their negligence opportunity! Basketball sound network! Celtics a smooth fast break will also Knight!

McMillan feel uneasy watching the situation in the field! Looks like the Cavaliers have occupied a number of initiatives. They are always able to ball into the basket! Whether James or Shaquille O’Neal, there is a good performance! But when you look at the score. You will find the original two team points difference of 5 points to 9 points! This time the Cavaliers but behind!

O’Neill’s weight and age so that his pace is very slow. Each until the Cavaliers difficult to hit a ball after the Celtic attack ability. O’Neal is no way back on defense! Madison and Kyle’s strong perimeter offense Qidui hard to detect. Knight of the crisis is still not lifted!

“Dry, beautiful!” Han and Kyle clap to celebrate! Kyle always be able to pass into assists. He, as always, the stability of the Just Kyle up to long shot if not. Celtic is not the opportunity to get rebounds. Because they only three players before the games. Campbell rushed the basket! This is the determination of the Celtic!authentic nfl jerseys,They have no doubt that his players to the ball to vote!

Feel that they should take advantage of the Cavaliers could not catch up with the score. This makes them psychologically began to change! Consecutive rounds down. Even James suspect that his team’s tactics is not a problem! Is not offensive? Or the defense is really bad?

They maintained a 45 percent hit rate, and Williams to 21 points! To know the half of the game is not over yet. Little Emperors useful again to get 40 + scores! Why the team can not score to catch up with it?

McMillan decided to stop good layout about defense! This situation to continue. Estimated that the team’s morale is necessary a little bit of polish!

“What are you doing? Road you yesterday in bed, wasted too much effort? How I see you up and running like as slow as the 0-year-old woman?” MacMillan less angry. But watching carefully to create a defense system actually a few years the Celtics fast attack riddled with problems. McMillan how to not get angry! This performance is simply an insult to their own defensive philosophy!

Cavaliers player was the coach of a pass vigorously some reeling peace! They are also the first time I saw McMillan so! This has been sedate fat actually can say something like that. Is really rare!

“Well, the following arrangement under the back of the defense!nfl jerseys wholesale.Hope that you will not let me say it next time!” McMillan livid with |

McMillan came to the Knight has for some years in people’s opinion. Lead this one has a LeBron James team is such a long time failed to a championship as a head coach Nate McMillan has an inescapable responsibility! He arranged for the team

The surgery is too monotonous! In addition to totally rely on, James Riding lackluster.

But McMillan that they are wronged. Because Cavaliers them in addition to James, and nothing can rely on the players. Mike Brown desperately mining the potential of the James But false is not the case. James does not necessarily progress so fast!

“James you are responsible to stare at Kyle. Do not give him shots on the line! His breakthrough basically not control the West followed Madison. You’re much younger than he, I believe that you can defend him! “McMillan told his team a

The shift. Celtics fast break really have been suppressed. Because the strength of the two teams is not much different. When the Cavaliers focus on the defense Celtics fast break. The efficiency of their fast-break down a lot. The results of the two teams into a stalemate.

This time in the battle of the war. The two teams are stuck in the difficult situation of points! Playoffs and regular season is simply not an end game! More than one person said so. But only a real experience after that to feel that they are different!

The players of both sides of the dog eat dog. Defensive actions become more and more! James and Raja Bell in a defensive two both fell to the Weekdays looks very pleasant little emperors almost wielded his fist to the Bell punch! Bell just no way to stop him when he just a little emperor being represented as a But think about it when he was on Bryant, with the garrote you know with Bell’s old tricks!

The referee came up to give Bell a T. cheap nfl jerseys,Williams also crossed Morales live

His penalty out of here! “Fans very dissatisfied with such a penalty! They demanded that the referee fists James penalty out!

Fortunately, the referee did not bother. James does not play up his fist, Little Mo and West stopped by! This can be considered dodged a bullet!

Competition to this time by the change of the fiery! HAN felt the blood boiling in his body! As if the body heat he was very hungry for this game. With the confrontation and challenge. This game to let him go further!

Williams anger! He was Bell that such a move to get furious! Results excited the emperor free throw missed two free throws! See the situation is not good McMillan went to the change! This time, Williams an impulse. A up and Bell hit or injured. As McMillan also with how the emperor’s Cavaliers to the finals?

Game to the first half to end the moment! Lost James, the Cavaliers did not rush to catch up with the score! Slowly polished one minute remaining in their view. Hold the gap less than 10 points is good enough! In the second half. Wait for James to come back. They have the opportunity to catch up with the score!

But the Celtics how could miss such a good opportunity? HAN side dribble while thinking about how the greatest degree of expansion of the score gap!

The first is to speed up! To complete an offensive. So they have the opportunity to continue to the next opportunity to attack! And better able to foul! As for the foul object. That must be the state does not small Mo a

HAN only took 2 seconds, the ball shipped to the front! He has entered the attack range!

Cavaliers tense arrangement defense! They also | out the views of the HAN. Therefore, they must try to delay the the HAN attack speed!

Cavaliers defense received is very small. Only a small Mo a person followed by HAN. His task is to delay the time!

“If you want a good but not underestimate me!”Wholesale Coach bags,AN provocation waved his fingers in front of Little Mo! That meaning is clear. No you can not!

Little Mo, is depressed much! He can be considered a good point guard in the league. Under normal circumstances, he was able to for some cheap bit! But today he was surprised to be HAN eat the wearer! Not only attack never find the feeling. The half was only eight. And defensive when HAN sudden there is no temper! It is the hearts of some Wohuo!



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