g@@what is the current renewable energy project in ethiopia?



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    REEEP is funding renewable energy/ energy efficient projects in Ethiopia, Cambodia and Tanzania. REEEP stands for The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership.

    The project in Ethiopia will finance and provide rural communities with energy-efficient stoves and solar powered lights. Most people living in rural villages use kerosene as the form of fuel used to power lights, but this can be dangerous due to the fumes associated with kerosene. This project will remove this problem and still create a reliable fuel source for rural people. These people also use open fires for cooking, which is extremely dangerous for children and can be a cause for fires when weather blows the flames into nearby buildings that are highly combustable due to the material used to build them. This project will also help remove this problem.

    The cooperatives in charge of these projects are helping create sustainable jobs for rural people in bookkeeping, technology repair and stove production, which means that this project has farther reach than simply producing renewable energy sources. World Vision and government agencies will provide the training needed.

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