Is gun ownership in the US a right or a privilege? Same question re Driver’s License.

Today US residents are wrestling with yet another example of gun violence. In a country that holds gun ownership in such high esteem, how likely is there to be real reflection and change?



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    Pro gun activist groups see gun ownership as a right, since they say it is in the constitution to protect ones self. This is up for debate though. It seems to depend on how you personally view it. 

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    The United States will always allow its citizens to own guns.  The second amendment of the U.S. Constitution is simply unchangeable and it is a citizen’s right in this country.  The only exceptions to this come when someone has committed a felony or other serious criminal act in which they forfeit those rights.  

    A driver’s license is only a privilege in this country.  We do not have the right to drive a car and our privileges can be taken away just as easy as they were given to us.  You do not need to commit any criminal act to lose your license; if the D.O.L. believes you shouldn’t have a license for ANY reason, they can take it away.

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      As a Canadian I have little need to wrestle with this theme and am alarmed by escalating violence and hand-wringing across the border. How many more mass killings are needed?Nothing wrong with wanting a gun for personal protection, take a course on safe handling and storage and register it. No one would obect to that but these killing machines…wow, what’s really at stake? Thanks for replying.

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