Is gum bad for the environment?



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    I wouldn’t particularly say that gum is particularly good for the environment… Especially the way it sticks to everything and animals choke on it.

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    Gum is definitely not the most environmentally friendly substance.  For one, it contains vinyl acetate which experts have had doubts about in regards to it being a possible link to cancer (it caused tumors in rats during one study).

    There have also been reports that it contains the preservative butylated hydroxyanisol (BHA) which in previous studies has been labeled a human carcinogen.

    Furthermore, the very things that make it so enjoyable (its stickiness and ability to retain taste and a long ‘chew’) are what make it, as chaseyourdemise mentioned, a harm to the environment.  These properties make it almost impossible to clean up, therefore causing a litter problem.  So bad, in fact, that in 1992 in Singapore they banned chewing gum for more than a decade!

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