Is growing your veggies using hydroponics better for the environment?



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    Yes it is! First of all, growing your own vegetables will eliminate the need for vegetables to be harvested in another state and trucked to your supermarket. As for the hydroponics, the system will prevent harmful chemicals like pesticides and herbicides from leaking into water supplies (these chemicals aren’t even needed in a hydroponic system in the first place!). Also, the water stays in the system and can be reused, so water usage is lowered.

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    Yes! A key factor in determining environmentally responsible farming is that of land management; hydroponics provides a land use alternative that allows for maximum use of available space without destroying massive traccts of land through overuse.

    The use of pesticides and herbicides is also greatly reduced with hydroponic gardening. And (most astonishingly) hydroponic gardening requires only 10% of the water required to irrigate large tracts of traditional farmland.

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    When it comes to pesticide, herbicide, and water use, there is no question – hydroponics has major advantages.

    However, the choice between hydroponics and wasteful, poisonous farming methods is a false dichotomy. There are other – and equally important – gardening/farming methods out there. We cannot simply pursue hydroponic gardening indoors while we let the soil outside turn to chemical muck.

    Gardens and farms do not have to be bad for the environment if they are integrated into it, rather than forcing ‘nature’ out of the way. In fact, they can help promote a greater diversity of plant life and animal (especially pollinator) life in a given environment.

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