Is growing your hair out bad for the environment?



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    No, not necessarily.  It uses more hair product, sometimes, but as long as you choose hair products that don’t have high environmental impact, the length of your hair is relatively unimportant.

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    Yes, although compared to the environmental damage caused by other activities, this seems very mininal.

    Longer hair means longer, maybe more often showers and more water, more hair products (production of, transportation, packaging), more chances of clogged drains which might require chemicals..

    On the other hand, keeping your hair short might require more visits to the hair salon, which often times use a lot of chemicals, especially for sterilizing and use a lot of energy to operate.

    Hair, itself is great for oil spills and even gardening. Take example from the attempt to eliviate the effect of the oil spill in the gulf and use the hair if you cut it yourself.

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