Is grooming your own dog easy?



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    Grooming my own dog can be quite a hassle. I usually go to the groomers to have my dog’s fur done. Here are some eco friendly groomers that offer your furry friend’s coat to be shiny after their first visit. Two of the well known are: The green dog mobile grooming in Phoenix, Arizona and the dog groom salon eco-friendly in Woodland Hills, California. Raiseagreendog .com offers you education on the importance of being green with your furry friend; it also offers you selections of eco-friendly groomers near your hometown. This website also sells organic dog foods that has pure and natural products. Most of the foods and groomers can be expensive, but the price is worth it. 

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    It depend of if you just want to give your dog a bath (it’s actually more of a shower) or if you have its fur clipped as well. Most dogs don’t need haircuts. When I had my dog, my mom and I got some biodegradable soap and gave her a bath every month or so in the back yard. We tried bathing her in the bathtub one time, but all of her fur clogged the drain. During the winter, we didn’t want to bathe her outside because it was too cold, so we went to a pet store that had special showers for dogs with warm water.

    I always get a kick out of this old Sesame Street video about washing the dog. It’s cute and very accurate. However, I’m pretty sure that they were not using biodegradable soap because they washed their dogs over pavement and let the runoff go into the storm drains much like one would wash a car. As you can see, dog-washing typically requires two or more people, especially for large dogs.

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