Is grilled food healthy?



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    Grilling food is healthier than sauteing or frying as no oils or fats are used. However, research has shown that grilling meats at high temperatures for long periods of time can create two types of carcinogens. High heat can transform muscle proteins into heterocyclic amines, which are known to damage DNA and contribute to the development of certain cancers. Additionally, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, another carcinogen, can form from the smoke produced by burning fat drippings. Suggested ways to minimize risk are to use lean meats, place food on a grill rack once the coals have cooled, avoid charred or blackened parts of any grilled food, and add marinades made with vinegar, citrus, or red wine, which are known anti-oxidants.

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    As a cooking method, yes.  Nothing beats steaming, but it’s pretty good for your health.  However, it totally depends on what you’re cooking.  Grilled veggies or lean meat?  Sure!  Grilled cheese or a really fatty cut of meat?  Maybe not so much.

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