Off grid gift ideas please

My daughter lives off grid with an erratic party line telephone. She has just revamped her funky little cabin. I want to add something to her energy requirements. She uses a Mac computer with some kind of “stick” which works very poorly. What new technologies are coming on that might be affordable and useful? West coast so not tons of sunshine but wonder about solar developments. She’s a creative (photography), caring (raises heritage chickens and discarded pets) person, and has the smallest footprint of anyone I know. I’d love to get her something that might internet more useful or, failing that, any kind of lighting. Thank you for any ideas you may be able to share.



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    If you mean gifts that would be good for living “off of the grid” a water purifier is always a good idea. They will be essential as fresh water resources begin to get scarce as predicted by environmentalists (, 2011). If your friend is into wilderness survival, then they are great to have on hand when going out on retreats. Check out the link to visit Amazon which has a wide variety of water purifiers on sale with consumer reviews.

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    Portable solar and wind devices coupled with a good storage battery could be a good thing for her. Solar panels pretty much have to be commercially bought, but building a wind turbine is something that you can do on your own. I have a friend who built a portable wind turbine that he takes to various events such as electric car club meetings. He uses it to power a speaker system and provide music for the event. I first met him at an electric car show that was being held in the parking lot of a community college.

    Oh, and kudos to your daughter for raising chickens. They rock!

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