Is Greenpeace or the Sea Shepherds more hardcore?



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    Both organizations/crews have pursued the issue of illegal whaling with a high degree of vigor. Greenpeace was the first to do it back in the 70’s. There were reports of the Greenpeace ship positioning themselves between Soviet harpoons and targeted whales (a pretty dangerous move). The Sea Shepherds are dedicated solely to the cause and have developed tactics that prevent harpooning by irritating the whaling crews. We have had the privilege of being able to watch the Sea Shepherds at work on TV, and they are pretty bold. In the last episode of the show Whale Wars that I saw the crew was out maneuvered by a Japanese whaling ship so they proceeded to ram the back of the whaling ship to prevent a potential kill. Not only did they risk the lives of crew on both ships, but the action was highly illegal. 

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