Greener: cats or dogs?



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    I think they’re equally green; dogs are usually bigger and eat more food, but I think the litter issue for cats offsets that factor. The only way I can see one being more green than the other is if you compare cats to small dogs, which a lot of house dogs are smaller breeds, and then the small dog would be greener because the amount of food they’d consume would be about equal but the dog would go to the bathroom outside while the cat still uses litter. Even biodegradable litter still takes resources to manufacture, package, and ship.

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    Cats and dogs are both intrinsically green – they’re animals. They don’t take part in consumer capitalism or corporate industrialization – their owners do. Who’s more green – you or another pet owner? That’s the real question. You can use biodegradable cat litter, or create your own! You can by natural, organic dog food, or make your own! You can get locally-made doggie toys, or make your own! It’s as simple as that.

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