Is the a green time of the day?



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    Perhaps one way of answering this question would be to take into consideration the person’s lifestyle. Most people do most of their activities during the day and reserve nights for resting and/or sleeping. In this case, the green time of the day for these people would be night time since while they sleep they are able to conserve energy by having most appliances switched off. On the other hand, there are people who consider themselves more productive at night. In this case, the green part of the day for them would be during the day.

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    Hmm, unique question. It’s really a matter of perspective. A “green time of the day” might be high noon when solar panels are gaining a maximum of photonic activity. Or it might be at dusk or dawn, when there is a larger propensity for wind, wind that is turning our turbines and providing power. Or, it could be in the cool of the early night, when people sit about discussing how they are going to help better the planet, as when they ask questions like yours.

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