is green tea good for you?



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    Green tea has many health benefits and has been used in China for its medicinal qualities for centuries. It inhibits cancer cell growth and lowers cholesterol levels in the body. It does this while creating a better ratio of good to bad cholesterol. Green tea contains a powerful anti-oxidant and helps boost immunity. It can help with infection and cardiovascular disease while preventing tooth decay and blood clotting, among other health benefits. 

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    Green tea is supposed to be helpful with weight loss, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol, and a weak immune system. I am not sure how accurate the claim is that green tea assists weight losing weight. If that is the case the obesity problem would be less severe in this country. Supposedly it suppresses the appetite but it could all be psychological.

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    Green tea is having wide range of health benefits and day by day its range seems increasing.

    •Green tea is used as nervous stimulant 

    • Green tea being used to treat various types of cancer like Ovarian,Colorectal,Pancreatic,Prostate Cancer .

    • Its also been beneficial in rheumatoid arthritis

    • Treatment of cariovascular disease like Atherosclerosis which is a type of coronary disease.

    • Acts as astringent which actually control the bleeding by its healing properties.

    • Green tea been used as treatment of gas or irradiate flatulence in the body.

    • Green tea regulates the Blood sugar level of the body

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