green sunscreen?



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    Sure, of course there are eco-friendly and green sunscreens!

    You can checkout the website below for some different types of chemical-free sunscreens.

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    I’ve also linked to a couple other resources for eco-friendly sunscreen, so you can have an even broader base of information from which to search.

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    For “green” sunscreens, it’s crucial that you check out the ingredients before buying them, thinking that it’s organic or eco-friendly. Also, I’ve seen supposedly organic sunscreens that are more expensive than they should be. Don’t be influenced by the brand or the price, just focus on the ingredients. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are organic ingredients you should look for. On the other hand, several common non-organic, or chemical, ingredients in sunscreen are avobenzone and oxybenzone. For a more detailed discussion of this, click on the first link attached below. 

    A good brand for organic sunscreen is Saffron Rouge. However, you can always do your own research and find what truly works for you. I hope this somewhat helps.

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